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Homemade Soy Milk and Tofu



  • Soya beans-200gm
  • Citric acid-1/2tsp
  • or
  • Juice of 1 lemon



  • Soak the beans for 8 hours. It will double in size.
  • Grind the soaked soy to a fine paste.
  • In a large vessel add enough water to the paste to bring it to milk consistency.
  • Bring it to boil and switch flame to low. Let it boil on low flame for 15 minutes.
  • Pour the milk in a sieve and filter the milk.
  • The result is soy milk. The by product got after filtering the milk is called Okara. This is rich in protein. This can be used for various purposes. So don’t discard.
  • Mix citric acid to 1/4cup water. Add this solution to the hot soy milk and stir it once. Or bring milk to boil and add citric acid. Then let it stay for 5 minutes.
  • The milk will curdle. Filter this through a cloth lined sieve.
  • Keep the filtered tofu into a cheese strainer and cover it with the cloth on all the sides. Keep some heavy object on top and leave it for 35 minutes.
  • Remove weight and open the cloth. Cut it into small pieces and use.
  • The Okara can be toasted in oven to get rid of the water content and can be powdered in a mixer grinder. This can be used in soups, cutlets, breads, cakes and so on..