Whole Wheat Grissini

Grissini, is an Italian bread stick. When I saw the recipe for these cute sticks at Wild Yeast, I bookmarked it at once. But only now I could prepare this. Thanks to Srivalli and Blogging Marathon for giving an initiative to do bookmarked recipes. I didn’t have flour yesterday and didn’t have time to go shopping. So I thought of replacing flour with atta. This sure will make the sticks more healthy. We liked it a lot. Hubby is not a great fan of breads. So I will let him out. These are perfect for munching, if you have a craving for crunchy snack. You can munch on these without guilt. 

Recipe Source: Wild Yeast
Whole Wheat Flour-300gm
Salt-to taste
Olive Oil-1 1/2tbs
Fennel seeds-2tsp
Instant Yeast-1tsp

1. Mix flour, yeast and salt in a large bowl.
2. Mix oil and water in a cup.
3. Add water to the flour and prepare a soft dough. 
4. Feel free to use water more than 1 cup if necessary. The resultant dough should be soft.
5. Knead it for about 10minutes.
6. Place in an oiled bowl and rotate to coat oil on the dough.
7. Cover with wrap and allow it to rise for 2 hours.
8. When the dough is double in volume, Place it on counter and knead it again.
9. Shape into a log and cut it into two equal portions.
10. Roll out each portion into a square.
11. Cut the square into 16 strips.
12. Fold each strip. Roll out into a rope.
13. Apply oil in a tray. Line with butter paper. Grease the paper.
14. Arrange the ropes on the tray.
15. Apply a coating of olive oil. 
16. Crush fennel seeds and oregano. Sprinkle on the sticks.
17. Preheat oven to 180C.
18. Bake the sticks for 20-25minutes or until golden brown.
19. Cool on wire rack.
20. Enjoy these crunchy sticks.

Photo Tutorial:
As I have given a lot of photos for the preparation of dough, I am starting from the rolling part.

Start with half the dough

Roll out into a square

Cut into 16 stripes

Fold each strip

Roll into a rope

Arrange on tray

Apply oil and sprinkle the herb

Cool on wire rack once done


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