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Eggless Poppy Seed and Vanilla Bread Flower

4 For the final week of May, I am here with an interesting theme. I have been enjoying bread baking recently and the kneading of the dough seems to be soothing my nerves. It feels like I am doing meditation for the whole 10 minutes of kneading and I don't feel any irritation. So when I saw the theme shaped breads for this month, I selected it. You will be seeing some beautiful breads this week at my space. The bread dough is not new. I have used the same dough to make poppy seeds dinner rolls previously. As the main

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Whole Wheat Masala Crackers

4 For the third day of whole wheat recipes, I chose another recipe from my previous attempt and made it with wheat flour. The masala crackers is a hit at home and I was sure that the whole wheat version would also be good. Reading books have become a craze for us nowadays. And after becoming a member at a library, me and Sruti can always be seen with a book in hand. We finished off Harry Potter series in exactly seven weeks, a week for a book and now my daughter wants to read it once more. She has become

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45 minutes Stuffed Whole Wheat Buns

1 For the second day of wheat flour recipes, I used one of my favourite recipes to create these whole wheat treats. When I posted the 40 minute burger buns recipe,  I didn't expect it to become a hit. But I was super excited when many of my readers tried it and posted it in FB. I used the same recipe to create 45 minutes chocolate buns and it was amazing. And for today's post I used whole wheat flour instead of maida and also stuffed the buns with a spicy potato and paneer filling. My daughter loved them so much

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Eggless Wheat Banana Muffins

2 For the third week of this month's blogging marathon, I have chosen the theme Wheat Flour Recipes. When I read wheat flour recipes, my mind always goes to bakes. Using wheat flour instead of maida in bakes is the latest trend. I have seen so many cake recipes using wheat flour instead of maida in cakes in social media. I have once tried a quick bread with wheat flour, but I didn't like it very much. But those who are conscious of their health and their calorie intake find using wheat flour great. I don't mind using wheat flour in

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Mango Creamsicle Recipe

4 Last week, Madurai was so hot, I felt like running away to Munnar. Wherever I went, I took the pedestal fan along with me as ceiling fan was not doing its work properly. Working in the kitchen was the toughest job of all. But I had guests during that time, so couldn't stay away from kitchen. My nephew is one of my fan when it comes to cooking. He loves most of the dishes I create and so if he visits, I make sure to prepare varieties of bakes and desserts. There were some mangoes and to beat the heat,

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